Within the past decade, our dredging and construction expertise has been applied across various locations and terrains within Nigeria. Below are a few of the projects satisfactorily delivered by us;

Year Client Project Description/Location
Oct – Dec 2009 Self Stockpiling of 60,000cubicmeter of sand/Chokocho Etche LGA. Rivers State.
Jan – March 2010 Michael Jacobs Ltd/NDRBA Land Reclamation/Ogu Town, Ogu-bolo LGA. Rivers State.
June –June 2010 Erdis Nigeria Limited River Crossing/Awoba Flow Station, Rivers State.
July- July 2010 Epenal Group Of Companies Limited Sweeping of Pirigbene ‘D’ Location in Obama Field in Southern Ijaw L.G.A of Bayelsa State Nigeria.
August –August 2010 Rhino Constructions Limited River Cross at Ikot-AbasiAkwa-Ibom State.
Sept- Nov 2010 Self Stock piling of 80,000m3 of sand at Emohua Isiodu, Rivers State.
Jan – Feb 2011 Michael Jacobs Limited/NDRBA Land Reclamation/Ogu Town, Ogu-bolo LGA. Rivers State.
March- May 2011 Self Stockpiling of 90,000m3 of sand, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
August – Sept. 2011 Helmadag Nigeria Limited Sweeping of Well- Head in Shell Petroleum Development Company, Diebu Creek well 2, Bayelsa State.
April – May 2012 Supreme and Mitchells Limited Stockpile of 30,000m3 of sand at Abuloma in Okirika Local Govt. Rivers State.
June –July 2012 J+G Global Gas &Oilfield Limited Sweeping/maintenance of Ekulama 2, well 29 &30 in Rivers State. (S.P.D.C)
July –Oct 2012 FIPHS Investment LTD / NDDC. Sweeping/Maintenance of Ogbe-Ijoh in Delta state.
July –Oct 2012 Swan Dredging & Marine Limited Sweeping and maintenance of water way at Ajakpa, Ondo State.
August 2012 – March 2013 Ibeto Cement Limited Sweeping/Maintenance of Ibeto jetty in Rivers State.
April-May 2013 Cot Engineering Limited Stockpiling of 40,000m3 of sand in Rivers state.
Oct –Nov 2013 NIMASA Stockpiling of 40,000m3 of sand in Bayelsa State.
Dec-Jan 2014 Chigla International Limited Stockpiling of 100,000m3 of sand in Oduoha, Rivers State.
June- July 2014 Shell/ Serviteco Sweeping of Bonny Well 09, 19 and 24, Bonny Island
December 2016 - Till date Chevron Nigeria Limited Maintenance dredging of Chevron Wellhead locations