SOUTH DREDGE LIMITED is committed to nurturing and sustaining the highest standards of Health, Safety  and Environmental care within all its work places. At SOUTH DREDGE LIMITED, we guarantee:

  • Safe working procedures by evaluating all potential risks that may arise from our daily operations. Thereafter, we implement appropriate preventative measures capable of eliminating risks
  • A maintenance culture that ensures equipment, tools and machines are always in perfect working condition.
  • A safe working environment. We provide safety equipment in line with acceptable global quality standards.
  • Proper assessment of all contingency situations.
  • Professional competence of all personnel through adequate training.
  • A proper reporting system.
  • Appropriate medical facilities in all work sites and locations.
  • Adequate technical, economical and human resources.
  • Development and maintenance of cordial relationship with our host communities.

SOUTH DREDGE LIMITED’s Line Management is responsible for the direct implementation of the above policies while all of our staff contribute to ensuring the existence of the highest possible standards of Health, safety and Environmental well-being are constantly maintained. These policy standards are reviewed intermittently in order to ensure they remain relevant to the company’s operations.

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