• Dredging and Marine Support Services
  • Civil Construction Services
  • Facility Maintenance Services
  • Manpower Development and Training

SOUTHDREDGE LIMITED was established to provide Pipeline Construction Services, Corrosion Management Services, Dredging and Marine Support  Services to both the private and public sectors in Nigeria.


SOUTHDREDGE LIMITED offers a wide range of expert dredging services to both Energy and Public sectors in Nigeria.

Whatever the scope of the project, SOUTHDREDGE LIMITED possesses the manpower, state-of –the-art equipment, knowledge and commitment to safety necessary to efficiently and cost effectively handle dredging projects of all sizes. Our expansive dredging portfolio include varied projects as complex as dredging the intake of a river channel, as simple as deepening shipping lanes and as expansive as clearing international shipping lanes. Our team analyzes each client’s individual needs to determine the best approach to provide a complete dredging project that exceeds expectations.

We own, operate, and maintain a remarkably wide range of equipment including a 14” 14” and 20” 20” Dredgers and sundry equipment, bulldozers, Pay loaders, Excavators and much more. Our workforce brings together highly skilled and experienced people in the business. We employ diverse project delivery systems such as design/build or turn-key to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for our customers’ needs. Key to the success of our work is our fleet of state-of –the-art equipment which includes dredgers, barges, bulldozers, dumps, excavators etc. Our team routinely work in demanding environments, delivering complex, challenging projects on time and within budget.